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Include precise instructions for students regarding the subject of the chat.The introduction text is designed to welcome learners to the chat and to provide information regarding the purpose of the chat room.If you select No here, then only the instructors in the course will have access to the transcripts.If learners need access to a specific transcript though, the instructor can always copy the transcript and share it with learners in the form of a document.A chat could also be used for structured discussions of course content; in that case, the Introduction text might present a specific list of questions to be addressed or the protocols to be followed.

For instance, if learners are using the chat room to collaborate on a group project, you won’t want to delete the messages until that project is completed and assessed.

You can choose any out of four options allowing to schedule the future chat sessions: You can determine the number of days.

When users (two or more) participate in a chat session, a record, or complete transcript of the session is created.

If you have any concerns about discussions that might take place in your chat room, you may want to keep transcripts for an extended period of time to allow the transcripts to be used for documentation.

Likewise, you may find the documentation provided by the transcript to be useful for accreditation or evaluative purposes.

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