Dating fisher price toys

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Separate add-on packs of modules will be sold separately for a pop, three to a set. Some will do different tricks, or have different sounds.

His orange body tested positive for lead at 258 /- 21 ppm lead (Pb).

This isn't complicated stuff like Lego Mindstorms: the individual pieces just snap together linearly, forming a chain of caterpillar "code" that can be as long as you want.

But the idea behind modular connected pieces forming instructions...well, that's a step towards coding.

It's hard to tell from a Coming next June, the toy comes with eight modules that snap together.

Each one has a different function: turn left, turn right, make a funny sound.

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Metal Trucks, trains, and other metal playthings often have rubber wheels, so skip the dishwasher here because the heat may break down the material.

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