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Dating someone who has cancer

Some individuals with cancer, however, choose to disclose their condition to dispel any rumors or speculation about their appearance, such as emaciation or hair loss.

Sometimes, the decision to disclose depends on whether an individual will need a reasonable accommodation to perform the job (for example, flexible working hours to receive or recover from treatment).

Similarly, individuals with a history of cancer will be covered under the second part of the definition of disability because they will have a record of an impairment that substantially limited a major life activity in the past.

Finally, an individual is covered under the third ("regarded as") prong of the definition of disability if an employer takes a prohibited action (for example, refuses to hire or terminates the individual) because of cancer or because the employer believes the individual has cancer.

A person with cancer, however, may request an accommodation after becoming an employee even if she did not do so when applying for the job or after receiving the job offer. May an employer ask any follow-up questions if an applicant voluntarily reveals that he has or had cancer? An employer generally may not ask an applicant who has voluntarily disclosed that he has cancer any questions about the cancer, its treatment, or its prognosis.

However, if an applicant voluntarily discloses that he has cancer and the employer reasonably believes that he will require an accommodation to perform the job because of his cancer or treatment, the employer may ask whether the applicant will need an accommodation and what type.

Title I of the ADA covers employment by private employers with 15 or more employees as well as state and local government employers.

Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act provides similar protections related to federal employment.

If lifting is an essential function of a driver's job, the interviewer may ask the applicant whether she will need a reasonable accommodation and what type.

Despite significant gains in cancer survival rates, people with cancer still experience barriers to equal job opportunities.

Often, employees with cancer face discrimination because of their supervisors' and co-workers' misperceptions about their ability to work during and after cancer treatment.

The job posting indicated that the store was seeking to hire a clerk to work from p.m. During the interview, the applicant mentions that the hours are ideal for him because he will not have to make any adjustments to his scheduled radiation treatments for prostate cancer, which occur in the early morning and are expected to continue for the next five weeks.

He also mentions that he has not had any side effects during his first three weeks of treatment.

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For example, if an employer asks all applicants post-offer about their general physical and mental health, it can ask individuals who disclose a particular illness, disease, or impairment for more medical information or require them to have a medical examination related to the condition disclosed. What may an employer do when it learns that an applicant has or had cancer after she has been offered a job but before she starts working?