Marriage after 5 months of dating

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Marriage after 5 months of dating

He did the same for me when he moved to Cambridge, MA for a year. I eat a lot, laugh a lot, tell too many stories and adore my community in Pasadena. These sacrifices are worth it and we do find new dreams– it comes with time. We’ve learned how important it is to pay attention to each other and adjust to the season that we both are walking through.3) We control our desires, not the other way around.We needed them in order to see ourselves around others; to see our relationship in service of others; and to be challenged by others to grow more mature. Boy, how we’ve changed since we first fell in love!There are moments when I realize that my husband’s preferences or personality has changed (ever so slightly), and I still think he’s the way he used to be.1) Relationships thrive in the context of community.There’s a season at the beginning of most relationships when you’re absolutely our friends.

I know this sounds like a long, long time to some, but looking back, I would not have done it any other way.

It’s my pleasure to hand over this space today to Daisy from Simplicity Relished.

If you don’t know her, make sure you stop by her blog after reading about her story of dating for five years!

In fact, I believe there are HUGE benefits to learning and growing premarital counseling.

Here are a few lessons we learned from 5 years of dating!

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  1. The story goes that Rain's friend was on a radio talk show and they decided to call Rain, but Rain unbeknownst that he was actually on-air had let slip that he had sex with Hyori the previous night.