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Speed dating riga

This hands-on workshop will lead you through an innovation session, designing a living service that explores the use of AI & IOT or the Blockchain, delivered by Fjord Dublin designers that live and breathe in this space where we call it Rumble!

Learn the tricks that journalists use to grab attention from former BBC News journalist Steve Rawling.These include: how to turn boring work into an exciting challenge; how to generate hundreds (yes hundreds) of new ideas; how to spot problems before they happen and how to foster a creative culture in your workplace.All the training tools are backed up with online resources.This workshop is an introduction to Anticipatory Design.You will explore the possibilities and applications of predictive UX by brainstorming and prototyping ideas to create automated services that anticipate people’s needs.

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Next to conference, on 9th, 11th and 12th, we are running workshops to give even better insights to different interesting topics.