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It seems that as a society, we cannot see past the oversimplified, inexorable divisions: 'single' equals 'misery' while 'couple' equals 'happiness'. I would argue a stronger emphasis on the importance of finding happiness within yourself must precede any relationship where the happiness is shared.

Here you'll find a daily dose of dating stories, news and tips blended with tales and personal experiences from me and you.

I welcome your comments and look forward to discussion and debate as we delve into the world of dating, relationships and sex dilemmas.

Wish we can just put away all that pride and facade and admit that we want somebody to love and be loved by.

Yet to be transparent risks ridicule and appearing desperate. So here's my idea for the future that may help to do away with all the stupid guessing game ("does she likes me? ", etc) and all the heartbreak and disapointment that's associated with falling in love: How good is it if everyone we meet have a little screen that shows the condition of the soul...

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If you're finding it hard to meet interesting people out at clubs and bars etc, it's because you've been fooled into thinking it's actually an effective way to meet people! it's all based on physical atrtactiveness, your pretences and defences are up, and potential pickups not only have to deal with your predjudices, but those of your accompanying mates as well.... We feel like we're onto a community of totally witty, creative 20 somethings who are an untapped resource.